Best High Paying Link Shortner In 2020 .


Hi Everyone

Today I am Going to Tell You About High Paying Link Shortner to use in movie Sites And many downloading sites as well as Youtubers..

Here Are Top Three Link Shortner That Pays HIGH MONEY.

I Have a Request If you are going to use any of these link shortners then use my referral code .

This is my favourite Link shortner cause it uses google adsense ads and pays minimum 1$ and having A CPM of $4 .

And My thing in this shortner is that This Shortner Doesn’t Use PopADS and any annoying ads.. SO it is in My Top LIST.


Here Are Some Rules of

  1. invaild trffic user+vpn user will not get pyment
  2. Daily Payment After 9 AM
  3. Payments Methods – UPI, Google pay and Bank transfer is also available
  4. No Captcha No pop ads
  5. VPN users and Self Click users will be punished and Account will be suspended.
  6. For any Query Msg on Whatsapp:7896917154


This is on my second list it doesnt uses adsense Currently but previously it uses , I DONT know why ?

But Pays you with an CPM of 5$. And Minimum Payout is 5$


Here Are Some Rules ….

  1. For any Queries Call   Telegram  Whatsapp
  2. There any Rules In this shortner Currently.


This IS the Third Link Shortner , i don’t recommend you cause it have only 1 click per ip.

it means from one person or devices it counts the click only one ..

but it have also highest cpm of 6 $.


Rules ..

  1. Withdraw On before 13 every month to Get Payment every Month If You withdraw after 13 then your payment will be made in Next date..


  2. for 18 plus contents You Can Promote Sex Videos ,Porn Videos and All Type Of Adult Content Without Any Problem with 10% Risk Charge or credit account
  3. For Any Question Contact us at whatsapp : +918828818824
  4. Click For Click Is not allowed in AFLY INDIA , we will ban all on payment time if we find anyone Who give Self click & Giving clicks using Vpn.

  5. We Don’t Accept illegal Traffic

    We Don’t Accept Traffic Related to Faucet,PTC,Torrent,Redirct loop,Bot or Any illegal Content Traffic.

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